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1. Producing blood.
2. Originating in or spread by the blood.


(ˌhi məˈtɒdʒ ə nəs)

1. originating in the blood.
2. blood-producing.
3. spread by way of the bloodstream, as in metastases of tumors or in infections.
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3] Cystosarcoma phyllodes of the breast, mainly through hematogenous metastasis, is mostly transferred to the lung and bone, with rare involvement of the local lymph nodes.
Infection reaches the brain from lungs and paranasal sinuses through hematogenous spread1.
Endometrial carcinoma may spread locally by direct infiltration as well as systemically via lymphatic or hematogenous routes.
1) After transplacental transmission, the virus spreads through the fetus by hematogenous route.
Melanomas spread via lymphatics or by hematogenous dissemination.
In 2003, the AAOS and the ADA released updated guidelines that stated: "Presently, no scientific evidence supports the position that antibiotic prophylaxis to prevent hematogenous infections is required prior to dental treatment in patients with total joint prostheses.
Typically RCC metastasizes through hematogenous spread.
Breast cancers are the most frequent causes of cutaneous metastases that can occur through local, lymphatic, or hematogenous pathways.
5) OM caused by hematogenous spread is seen in less than 3 percent and treatment usually commences after Lemierre's syndrome's typical clinical presentation has lead to the diagnosis of Fusobacterium infection.
Metastases from myoepithelial carcinoma are described and usually they are hematogenous rather than lymphatic and they also appear to be restricted to cases of primary tumors with size greater than 2cm (5-9).
When the presentation is insidious, the mode may be lymphatic spread, but when it is more acute, the mode is more likely via hematogenous spread.