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Noun1.hemianopsia - blindness in one half of the visual field of one or both eyeshemianopsia - blindness in one half of the visual field of one or both eyes
vision defect, visual defect, visual disorder, visual impairment - impairment of the sense of sight
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Romano has been focused on stroke recovery, participated in research and published on restorative approaches to homonymous hemianopsia.
Distortions of the visual fields in cases of brain tumor (third paper): binasal hemianopsia.
On neurological examination, right sequel homonymous hemianopsia and frust right hemiparesis were found.
Neurological examination of the patient revealed left hemiparesis, dysarthria, and homonymous hemianopsia of the left side with a National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale of 12.
The most common visual field disturbance is bitemporal hemianopsia, and contiguous spread of the tumor to the adjacent cavernous sinus most commonly produces cranial nerve III and IV dysfunction (1).
VI was defined based on acuity of worse than 20/63 in the better eye or with hemianopsia of [less than or equal to] 20[degrees].
3,4) The subsequent neurologic deficits can manifest as partial or complete hemiparesis, homonymous hemianopsia, Horner's syndrome, facial nerve paralysis, gait issues, or death.
Visual field examination revealed upper temporal quadrantanopsia on the right side and incomplete temporal hemianopsia on the left side, whereas other neurological examinations were normal.
Hemianopsia reduces the width of the perceptual span, causing letters, numbers, and words to fall onto the blind portion of the field.
Symptoms included blurred vision in 31 patients, bright spots in 15, zigzag lines in 7, dark spots in 5, diplopia in 4, transient blindness in 3, and hemianopsia in 2.
Symptoms include acute decompensation of cortical function, aphasia, hemiplegia, and/or hemianopsia.