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1. A semicircle.
2. A semicircular structure or arrangement.

[French hémicycle, from Latin hēmicyclium, from Greek hēmikuklion : hēmi-, hemi- + kuklos, circle; see cycle.]


1. (Architecture) a semicircular structure, room, arena, wall, etc
2. (Mathematics) a rare word for semicircle
hemicyclic adj


(ˈhɛm ɪˌsaɪ kəl)

1. a semicircle.
2. a semicircular structure.
[1595–1605; < French hémicycle < Latin hēmicyclium < Greek hēmikýklion. See hemi-, cycle]
hem`i•cy′clic (-ˈsaɪ klɪk, -ˈsɪk lɪk) adj.
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Noun1.hemicycle - a plane figure with the shape of half a circlehemicycle - a plane figure with the shape of half a circle
plane figure, two-dimensional figure - a two-dimensional shape


[ˈhemɪsaɪkl] Nhemiciclo m
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Watts; and an impression of Dupont's engraving of Delaroche's Beaux Arts hemicycle, representing the great men of all ages.
Les audio and video signals being transmitted by the technical services of the hemicycle region, no further shooting is demandee.
The route began at the Benito Juarez Hemicycle in Mexico Ciy's central area with an "impressive human river" which flooded the Alameda area (the central park)
TUNIS (TAP)- The plenary hall of the old hemicycle in Bardo, where the 1959 constitution was adopted, was named Thursday after National Movement activist Radhia Hadded in a posthumous tribute to Tunisia's first female MP.
In his oath which he delivered at the hemicycle at the Parliament, King Felipe said as much as well by saying that he aims for a diverse but unified Spain.
By contrast it is worth pointing out that most national legislatures are built in the style of a hemicycle which is alleged to lessen the violence of the clash of opinions.
At 21:00 CET tonight the five candidates to become the next European Commission President began to stake their claims to the EU ' s top job during the EUROVISION DEBATE , live from the hemicycle of the European Parliament, in Brussels.
Les projecteurs se sont eteints, hier, dans le grand hemicycle du Parlement europeen a Strasbourg.
The home features a solar hemicycle footprint, patio, fishpond, carport, and outdoor connectivity to the natural landscape.
Perhaps the most significant self-portrait of the Beaux-Arts system was provided by one of the first and best proponents of the genre historique, Paul Delaroche, when he was commissioned to allegorize the system as a whole by decorating the hemicycle of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts.
Le debat sur le projet de Constitution tunisienne a repris hier mardi matin dans un hemicycle a moitie vide mais dans le calme, contrairement a la veille lorsque la seance avait degenere en echange d'invectives entre opposants et islamistes au pouvoir.