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n. hemilaminectomía, extirpación de un lado de la lámina vertebral.
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Hemilaminectomy was performed from T2/3 to T3/4, and a crossover was made for better exposure of the spinal canal.
Surgical approach, commonly known as standard discectomy, is still employed today, accompanied by a number of technical modifications implemented over years, and includes partial hemilaminectomy and partial discectomy for herniated disc removal.
Intramedullary cavernous malformations: clinical features and surgical technique via hemilaminectomy.
4-5] microdiscectomy was performed after partial hemilaminectomy and foraminotomy.
Hemilaminectomy was performed between C2-C3, and mass fragments, which occupied part of the spinal canal, were removed and submitted for histopathological evaluation.
Dura may be incised between C1 and C2 with an 11 blade along the lateral third of hemilaminectomy and care must be taken about epidural veins in this region.
Hemilaminectomy for the treatment of thoracolumbar disc disease in the dog : a follow-up study of 10 cases.
In April, 2008 in the clinic the patient was carried out the operation of repeated laminectomy VL5, left-hand hemilaminectomy VL4, revision of the spinal channel and decompression of nervous elements.
The patient subsequently underwent an L4-L5 hemilaminectomy.
In October 2010, Gracie, a nine-year-old Dalmatian who lives with Jeanne Stehno in Great Falls, Montana, suffered a painful back injury and underwent a hemilaminectomy, in which herniated disc material was removed from beneath her spinal cord.