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A plant, such as mistletoe, that obtains some nourishment from its host but also photosynthesizes. Also called semiparasite.

hem′i·par′a·sit′ic (-sĭt′ĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.hemiparasitic - of or relating to plants that are hemiparasites
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Species of Loranthaceae (Santalales) have a worldwide distribution and are composed of 75 genera and over 900 species of hemiparasitic shrubs (Nickrent 1997; Mathiasen et al.
Pollination ecology of five hemiparasitic, large-flowered Rhinanthoideae with special reference to the pollination behaviour of nectar-thieving, short-tongued bumblebees.
In Australia, the native hemiparasitic vine, Cassytha pubescens (Loranthaceae), modifies interactions among three nonnative species: a pollinator (Apis mellifera), a seed predator (Bruchidius villosus), and the invasive legume Cytisus scoparius (Prider et al.