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n. hemiparesis, debilidad muscular que afecta un lado del cuerpo. V.: hemiparesia.
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He had a port-wine stain involving the area of distribution of the right ophthalmic branch of the trigeminal nerve, left hemiparesis, intellectual disability and asthma.
In one report, a child with ataxia and a hemiparesis with radiological features of PML IRIS was described; [8] in another, a patient with new-onset seizures was found to have a positive PCR for JCV with radiological signs of PML in the setting of profound immunosuppression.
They address clinical manifestations such as hemiparesis and other types of motor weakness, sensory abnormalities, cerebellar ataxia, cognitive and behavioral manifestations, headache, visual dysfunction and symptoms, vestibular syndromes and vertigo, auditory disorders, abnormal movements, seizures, sleep-wake disturbances, coma and abnormal consciousness, aphasia, agitation and delirium, memory loss, dementia, mood disorders, muscle and peripheral nerve manifestations, cardiac and autonomic manifestations, dysarthria, dysphagia and aspiration, and respiratory dysfunction, and various vascular topographic syndromes and their clinical manifestations, pathogenesis, imaging, complications, and other facets.
She tragically sustained a catastrophic brain injury with complete right-sided hemiparesis - a weakness on one side of the body - together with various other brain injury symptoms, including epilepsy.
Faiz Usmani, brother of 2008 Ahmedabad blast accused Afzal Usmani, died at 1:30 am while he was undergoing treatment for hemiparesis and hypertension in the Lokmanya Tilak Hospital here, doctors said.
The child's general condition was good but, on examination, a left hemiparesis was present.
They may thus be able to contribute better to improved quality of life in patients with hemiparesis.
Central nervous system impairment from hypoglycemia can produce decreased consciousness, tiredness or drowsiness, faintness, confusion, blurred or double vision, hemiparesis, behavioral changes, dizziness, paresthesias, incoordination, slurred speech, hunger, and/or headache.
Medical records were used effectively in this way during a recent medical negligence case involving a 19-year-old woman with a brain abscess that cause cognitive deficits and hemiparesis.
He was also the manager of Tele Liban from 1986 to 1990, when he developed hemiparesis and was forced to live out his last 25 years in a wheelchair.
Case-patient 2 was a 46-year-old man with a history of ischemic stroke with hemiparesis of the left side who had experienced a urinary tract infection that had been treated with ciprofloxacin 2 months earlier.