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n. hemitórax, cada mitad del tórax.
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Hamman's sign--a crunch-like sound heard over the left hemithorax that is accentuated during systole and expiration(18)--is present in approximately 50% of all cases of pneumomediastinunl.
Antero-Posterior Excursion of the Hemithorax in Hemiplegia.
All the patients presented with pleural effusion, and the radiologic data revealed diffuse pleural thickening either bilaterally or localized to one hemithorax.
Animals received five 8 gray ("Gy") fractions of radiation therapy to the right hemithorax each day for five days.
55] Limited disease (LD) refers to tumours confined to one hemithorax and with all the disease encompassable within the same radiation field (i.
On chest X-ray, ipsilateral grossly diminished pulmonary vascular markings, hemidiaphragmatic elevation, cardiac and mediastinal displacement, a small hemithorax, and contralateral lung hyperinflation can be detected.
This paper reports for the first time two separate and discrete thoracoliths within the same hemithorax.
A computed tomography (CT) pulmonary angiogram showed asymmetric lung fields, with a left hemithorax that was smaller than the right.
more than one chest tube required per hemithorax with a persistent air leak of more than 120 hours).
PA and lateral chest radiographs were compared with previous AP portable chest x-ray done immediately postoperatively, which revealed a new large right pleural effusion and near complete opacification of the right hemithorax (Figure 1).
On CT, a colon segment was observed between the liver and the right hemidiaphragm extending to the right hemithorax (Picture 2, a-b).