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(ˌhiːməʊsaɪˈtɒmɪtə; ˌhɛm-) ,






(Medicine) med an apparatus for counting the number of cells in a quantity of blood, typically consisting of a graduated pipette for drawing and diluting the blood and a ruled glass slide on which the cells are counted under a microscope
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Evaluation of white blood cell count in peritoneal fluid with five different hemocytometers.
The spectrophotometers segment is further divided into single-mode readers and multi-mode readers; whereas, the cell counters segment is categorized into automated cell counters; and hemocytometers and manual cell counters.
However, white blood cells (WBC) are more challenging to count, and methods rely heavily on manual techniques that use a combination of hemocytometers and specific stains, for example, phloxine B (avian Leukopet, Vetlab Supply, Palmetto Bay, FL, USA) or Natt and Herrick solution.
Researchers are upgrading to automated cell counters from glass hemocytometers.
Students then learn how to use hemocytometers to count cells, using Euglena from extra culture flasks provided by the instructor.