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1. Of, relating to, or affected by hemophilia.
2. Growing well in blood or in a culture containing blood. Used of certain bacteria.


(ˌhi məˈfɪl ɪk)

1. characteristic of or affected by hemophilia.
2. (of bacteria) developing best in a culture containing blood, or in blood itself.
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Adj.1.hemophilic - relating to or having hemophilia
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Since it contains inactivated poliovirus of three types, as well as the hemophilic component, this made it possible in 2017 to maximize coverage of vaccines against these infections by the planned contingents.
Its product development pipeline includes two drug candidates for treating epidermolysis bullosa, gout, type II diabetes, hemophilic arthropathy, and immunodermatology diseases.
Besides, twenty five thousand jail inmates and twenty five hundred hemophilic patients will also be vaccinated against Hepatitis B and C.
The exclusion criteria were as follows: (1) patients who underwent TKA for hemophilic arthropathy and malignant disease; (2) patients who underwent revision surgery; and (3) patients who underwent hybrid TKA with all-polyethylene tibial components.
If FDA accepts the firm's IND, the company will evaluate SHP654 in a global multi-center trial, which will include the assessment of the treatment to enhance factor VIII activity levels and affect hemophilic bleeding.
1987) (granting a preliminary injunction in favor of three hemophilic brothers who had HIV/AIDS and allowing them to attend school).
45) Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania developed a treatment for hemophilia using CRISPR-Cas9 and delivered it to hemophilic mice.
No hemophilic family is able to bear the cost of factor VIII replacement therapy unless supported by some charity organization.
Possible causes can be divided into primary (congenital fibular pseudarthrosis, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, hemophilic arthropathy, fibular physeal arrest, tibiofibular synostosis before skeletal maturity, longitudinal fibular deficiency) and compensatory mechanisms (secondary to deformities above or below the ankle joint).
The author details the births of the four daughters and the disappointment the imperial family and Russia felt over Alexandra's inability to produce a male heir, making the tsar and tsarina susceptible to the influence of a French faith healer, Nizier Anthelme Philippe, and then, once the hemophilic Alexei was born, to Rasputin.
Work is in progress, but most of the investigations so far carried out are based on in vitro experiments, whereby hemophilic plasmas are spiked with increased amounts of factor VIII concentrates or bypassing agents.
Citing the need for a national health program for hemophilia, organization cofounder Ric Felipe, who was diagnosed with hemophilia when he was four years old, said treatment for hemophilic patients were being subsidized by the government in neighboring Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.