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straight hemostat


1. An agent, such as a chemical, that stops bleeding.
2. A clamplike instrument used to compress a blood vessel in order to reduce or arrest the flow of blood during surgery.


(ˈhi məˌstæt)

an instrument or agent used to compress or treat bleeding vessels in order to arrest hemorrhage.
[1895–1900; shortened form of hemostatic]
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Noun1.hemostat - a surgical instrument that stops bleeding by clamping the blood vessel
surgical instrument - a medical instrument used in surgery


n. hemóstato, instrumento o medicamento que se emplea para contener un sangramiento.
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a global medical products company, said Monday that it will acquire two hemostat and sealant products from Mallinckrodt.
has agreed to acquire two hemostat and sealant products from Mallinckrodt pic: RECOTHROM Thrombin topical (Recombinant), a stand-alone recombinant thrombin, and PREVELEAK Surgical Sealant used in vascular reconstruction.
Objective: To compare the efficacy of fibrin-based hemostat and cellulose-based hemostat with traditional procedures in patients undergoing thyroid surgery.
for sistribution rights of PuraStat hemostat of 3-D Matrix in Chile.
It's important, therefore, that surgeons select the optimal hemostat for a given clinical circumstance.
I immediately handed him a hemostat and the procedure continued with no sign of the pesky "mosquito.
The primary advantage that the lolly has over a sponge on a hemostat is that patients are willing to bite down on a plastic straw, whereas most refuse to bite down on a metal hemostat.
Their Avitene[R] Microfibrillar Collagen Hemostat is an active collagen hemostat that accelerates clot formation by enhancing platelet aggregation and the release of fibrin, delivering hemostasis.
New products introduced in the second half of 2003 include the Vari-Lase(TM) endovenous laser procedural kit for the treatment of varicose veins, the D-Stat Dry(TM) hemostatic bandage for the rapid control of topical bleeding, the D-Stat Radial(TM) hemostat band for the control of bleeding following catheterizations utilizing the radial artery in the wrist, and the Pronto(TM) extraction catheter for the mechanical extraction of soft thrombus.
Remove the hook with a hemostat, or cut the line at the edge of the fish's mouth.
In addition to CoSeal(tm) surgical sealant, Cohesion Technologies has also developed CoStasis(tm) surgical hemostat, a liquid sprayable gel used to stop or control surgical bleeding.
When the hemostat holding the cord is released to allow the blood to flow into the cup, the cord can jump out of the hemostat like an out-of-control garden hose.