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straight hemostat


1. An agent, such as a chemical, that stops bleeding.
2. A clamplike instrument used to compress a blood vessel in order to reduce or arrest the flow of blood during surgery.


(ˈhi məˌstæt)

an instrument or agent used to compress or treat bleeding vessels in order to arrest hemorrhage.
[1895–1900; shortened form of hemostatic]
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Noun1.hemostat - a surgical instrument that stops bleeding by clamping the blood vessel
surgical instrument - a medical instrument used in surgery


n. hemóstato, instrumento o medicamento que se emplea para contener un sangramiento.
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NASDAQ:VITA), a spine and orthopedic biosurgery company, reported that it has received CE Mark approval for its VITAGEL([R]) Surgical Hemostat product and CELLPAKER([R]) plasma collection system.
Hemasorb Plus complements Abyrx's existing surgical hemostat product offerings which currently include AHBP(TM), a synthetic hemostatic bone putty that absorbs within days following surgery, and Hemasorb(TM), a synthetic resorbable hemostatic bone putty that is available with a custom spatula or in a syringe-like applicator.
Our near-term commercial business is based on our VITOSS([R]) Bone Graft Substitute technology platform, which are designed to address the non-structural bone graft market by offering synthetic alternatives to the use of autograft or cadaver-based bone material, and VITAGEL([R]) Surgical Hemostat, which is an adherent matrix and an impermeable barrier to blood flow.
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TORONTO, April 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- According to Millennium Research Group (MRG), the global authority on medical technology market intelligence, revenue growth in the surgical hemostat, internal tissue sealant and adhesion barrier market will accelerate in the United States through 2021.
I immediately handed him a hemostat and the procedure continued with no sign of the pesky "mosquito.
The primary advantage that the lolly has over a sponge on a hemostat is that patients are willing to bite down on a plastic straw, whereas most refuse to bite down on a metal hemostat.
Remove the hook with a hemostat, or cut the line at the edge of the fish's mouth.
In addition to CoSeal(tm) surgical sealant, Cohesion Technologies has also developed CoStasis(tm) surgical hemostat, a liquid sprayable gel used to stop or control surgical bleeding.
When the hemostat holding the cord is released to allow the blood to flow into the cup, the cord can jump out of the hemostat like an out-of-control garden hose.
In the other method, a wire positioned in the deepest part of the sinus was grasped with a small hemostat at the orifice of the sinus.