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Acting to arrest bleeding or hemorrhage.
A hemostatic device or agent.

[hemo- + Greek statikos, causing to stop; see static.]


(ˌhi məˈstæt ɪk)

1. arresting hemorrhage, as a drug; styptic.
2. pertaining to stagnation of the blood.
3. a hemostatic agent or substance.

hemostatic, haemostatic

a styptic agent or substance. — hemostatic, haemostatic, adj.
See also: Blood and Blood Vessels
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Adj.1.hemostatic - tending to check bleeding by contracting the tissues or blood vessels
astringent - tending to draw together or constrict soft organic tissue; "astringent cosmetic lotions"
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Factor Xa, in complex with other factors, then converts prothrombin to thrombin, which leads to the formation of a hemostatic plug by converting fibrinogen to fibrin and thereby inducing local hemostasis.
Humate-P contains the quality (high molecular weight) of multimers necessary for formation of stable hemostatic plugs.
Hemophilia is characterized by the absence of one or more clotting factors (usually factor VIII or IX) responsible for the formation of hemostatic plugs that control hemorrhage.