hen party

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hen party

informal a party at which only women are present. Compare hen night, stag night

hen′ par`ty

Slang. a gathering for women only.
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Noun1.hen party - a party for women only
party - a group of people gathered together for pleasure; "she joined the party after dinner"
حَفلة للنِّساء فَقَط قَبل زَواج الفَتاه
dámská jízda
babský večieroklen dámska spoločnosť
kadınlar toplantısı

hen party

n (fam) → festa di sole donne


(hen) noun
1. the female farmyard fowl. Hens lay eggs.
2. the female of any bird. The hen is sitting on the nest; (also adjective) a hen blackbird.
ˈhen party noun
a party for women only, often just before one of them gets married (for men see stag party).
ˈhenpecked (-pekt) adjective
(of a man) ruled by his wife. a henpecked husband.
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Grooms-to-be spend nearly pounds 200 a head on lengthy stag parties abroad, while two thirds of hen parties now last just one day, costing an average of pounds 118 a head.
This programme charts the changing traditions of stag and hen parties.
It would be especially nice if we could get some real-life hen parties in on the night as it promises to be a great night's entertainment.
Stag and hen parties `chase families away from seaside'
Hotel bosses are turning away business worth tens of thousands of pounds in a bid to keep stag and hen parties off their premises.
43 each year on attending stag or hen parties - which means pounds 170 every time they celebrate amate's last days of freedom.
Whitley Bay has been a popular venue for stag and hen parties for years ( with the Scots particularly enthusiastic visitors.
At one time Whitley Bay was known as the `wild west' because of its reputation for violence, but major investment into bars and bans on known hooligans have made it a magnet for stag and hen parties.
A former beauty queen now settled in Newcastle is setting up a new business, guiding stag and hen parties from Northern Ireland around the hotspots of her adopted city.
HEN parties are being stripped of their saucy accessories because of heightened airport security.
A production company is looking for four couples to take part in a series looking at stag and hen parties.
JMC Holidays say stag and hen parties are snapping up breaks in long-haul destinations like Mexico.