hen party

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hen party

informal a party at which only women are present. Compare hen night, stag night

hen′ par`ty

Slang. a gathering for women only.
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Noun1.hen party - a party for women only
party - a group of people gathered together for pleasure; "she joined the party after dinner"
حَفلة للنِّساء فَقَط قَبل زَواج الفَتاه
dámská jízda
babský večieroklen dámska spoločnosť
kadınlar toplantısı

hen party

n (fam) → festa di sole donne


(hen) noun
1. the female farmyard fowl. Hens lay eggs.
2. the female of any bird. The hen is sitting on the nest; (also adjective) a hen blackbird.
ˈhen party noun
a party for women only, often just before one of them gets married (for men see stag party).
ˈhenpecked (-pekt) adjective
(of a man) ruled by his wife. a henpecked husband.
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AISLE BE THERE Glenda Gilson surrounded by hen party in Dublin on Saturday
Guests included Lady Godiva Pru Porretta and the Lord Mayor of Coventry Hazel Noonan, and even a hen party was held there.
A BRIDE-TO-BE was stunned when her best friends gave her an early wedding present - a giant billboard advertising her hen party.
I was the only one of her college friends to attend the hen party, which I enjoyed.
com)-- Hen Party Superstore, a leading supplier of costumes, decorations and accessories for hen parties in the UK and Europe, are set to launch their brand new and improved, user-friendly website later this year.
He said: "Now I know exactly what goes on at a hen party.
A BRIDE-to-be, whose hen party ended in tragedy when her cousin died of suspected carbon monoxide poisoning, has vowed to go ahead with her wedding.
A Birmingham relief nurse who was not invited to a hen party because she was black has been awarded a total of pounds 2,675 compensation for race discrimination and harassment.
But despite the amount of money people are prepared to spend on a stag or hen party, 11% of those questioned said they thought the events were over-rated and they would have preferred to have had a quiet night in and not spent the money.
A HEN party at Ascot on Saturday went off with a major bang when one of the partygoers enjoyed a huge win on the Tote Placepot.
The non-drinking hen party (what kind of a hen party is THATA TA ?