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Containing 11 syllables.
A verse of 11 syllables, especially one that follows one of various classically established metrical patterns.

[From Latin hendecasyllabus, a line of eleven syllables, from Greek hendekasullabos : hendeka, eleven (hen, neuter of heis, one; see sem- in Indo-European roots + deka, ten; see decade) + sullabē, syllable; see syllable.]

hen·dec′a·syl′la·ble (-sĭl′ə-bəl) n.


(Poetry) prosody a verse line of 11 syllables
[C18: via Latin from Greek hendekasullabos]
hendecasyllabic adj


(hɛnˈdɛk əˌsɪl ə bəl, ˌhɛn dɛk əˈsɪl-)

a word or line of verse of 11 syllables.
[1740–50; < Latin hendecasyllabus < Greek hendekasýllabos]
hen•dec`a•syl•lab′ic (-sɪˈlæb ɪk) adj., n.


[ˈhendekəˌsɪləbl] Nendecasílabo m
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In 1957 Octavio Paz finished his masterpiece, Piedra de sol, a poem whose circular structure and hendecasyllables allude to the orbit of Quetzalcoatl (Venus).
The sonnets discovered among Luisa's letters to Pratesi are written in hendecasyllables, an alternate rhyme scheme of ABAB in the quatrains, and varying patterns in the tercets, typical of the 13th-century dolce stil novo.
28) It is significant that Campana finally chose the poeme en prose structure here, having first tried to compose the poem in hendecasyllables as one can see in his 1911-1912 notebook.
The lyrics were and are organized in quatrains of hendecasyllables, named stroppole, from the point of view of the logical content of the text.
6) These poems combining verses of seven and fourteen syllables could be misread as the much more flexible silva verse, and Tomas Navarro Tomas, in his definitive study of Spanish-language metrics, mentions the possibility of the silva form using alexandrine verses alone or mixed with heptasyllabic verse, instead of the traditional combination of hendecasyllables and heptasyllables; along with examples from Lugones, Santos Chocano, and Gonzalez Martinez, he cites Dario's "El reino interior," from the first edition of Prosas profanas (Navarro Tomas 425).
But except when it was in a play deliberately modeled on a Greek tragedy-Atlanta in Calydon, of course-where he seems to have thought that the intolerable hendecasyllables of the dialogue and narrative made his typical anapests in the choruses into classical meters, he did not deliberately mix his meters.
But in Tennyson's hendecasyllables, as in the Latin meter, the choriambic position conspicuously and eccentrically spans the second and third "feet.
Thematically, the epic of twenty cantos of octavas reales (strophes of eight hendecasyllables rhyming ABABABCC, DEDEDEFF, etc.
These are gradually reduced after La rosa and La moneda and replaced primarily by flee verse and unrhymed hendecasyllables as well as the occasional milonga.
With its thirteen stanzas, the poem organizes 126 lines, for the most part hendecasyllables.
5) The Alexandrians, love elegy and Catullus' hendecasyllables contain examples that come to mind.
The natural flow of Catullan hendecasyllables depends on a metre that seems ideally suited to the cadence of the Latin language.