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n. Slang
A performer or devotee of swing and jazz, especially during the 1940s.


(Jazz) obsolete slang a person who is hep, esp a player or admirer of jazz and swing in the 1940s



n. Older Slang.
1. a performer or admirer of jazz, esp. swing.
[1930–35, Amer.]
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However if you're imagining Gruff Rhys is some zoot suit wearing hepcat, think again.
For those wanting a vintage look, Hepcat Vintage was on hand For those wanting a vintage look, Hepcat Vintage was on hand ready to curl, qui and roll ready to curl, qui and roll hair.
No, I'm afraid that's just never going to cut it for this old hepcat.
At one point Waylan introduced me to the drummer of his college band, a real manic hepcat sort.
On stage, he was all show, jumping about in his oversized getup, rocking his hips to and fro, scatting nonsense syllables, shouting hepcat slang, and making the crowd scream for more.
The festivities continued the next day with Street Dogs, Hepcat, Cockney Rejects, and Rancid.
Gradually over the next couple of months he told her the truth: the money he'd made from Hepcat was gone, the Famous Radio Announcers' Academy was a massive fraud, and the AFTRA pension was like Shangri-la, a mystical place high in the Himalayas where the air was thin and Sherpas served as your pack mules.
Other musical highlights include, "I Wan'na Be Like You (The Monkey Song)", by Jazzy King Louie and the hepcat monkeys, the sneaky "Trust in Me" by Kaa and "That's What Friends are For".
A Rocket in my Pocket: The Hipster's Guide to Rockabilly Music" is a guide to this genre that gained notoriety for its large assortment of one hit wonders and retains a certain spirit that is lost in modern rock music, although there are artists out there who keep the music living on, keeping up the hepcat lifestyle that has lived on far beyond the 50s.
A rocket-fuelled mixture of hepcat classics and rockin' rarities.
The threeman vocal trio comprising Basti (26), Digger (26) and Sam (24) specialise in swinging hepcat reinterpretations of contemporary favourites by Leona Lewis, Robbie Williams and Beyonc.
Fifties style and music fans Zoe Keir and Nicole McPhillips love to dress in vintage clothes and they jumped at the chance to check out some fashions for a shoot at Hepcat tattoo salon in Glasgow's High Street.