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1. Of or relating to heresy or heretics.
2. Characterized by, revealing, or approaching departure from established beliefs or standards.

he·ret′i·cal·ly adv.


[hɪˈrɛtɪklɪ] advereticamente
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It is increasingly true that journalists who write heretically about AIDS will face some kind of retribution.
Still more heretically but conventionally, it (perhaps) suggests the relatively upper class book or manuscript being read (no parish register), (37) with its central crease or fold, as an eroticized image.
And then admits, almost heretically, that: "I never listen to brass band music.
The penultimate paragraph features invocations of all four righteous caliphs (successors) of the Prophet--relieving the prayer of any suspicions that it might be heretically "rejectionist":
Diotrephes of 3 John who rejects the presbyter and his emissaries is not only a more structured ecclesiastic rejecting one whom he regards as a charismatic claimant of the Spirit but also a representative of emerging orthodoxy rejecting a heretically inclined chiliast.
Though Prada is undoubtedly technically sophisticated, you wonder, slightly heretically, if a mere boutique merits such a concentrated application of resources and architectural imagination.
Once held to be the gift of a few, modernisers reduced divining to a skill that could be bought and taught to anyone--even, heretically, blacks and women.
4) Heretically Sealed Load Cells: Laser welded covers and hermetic sealing make the 2158's load cells virtually impervious to moisture and dirt.