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1. Capable of being passed from one generation to the next; hereditary.
2. Capable of inheriting or taking by inheritance.

[Middle English, from Old French, from heriter, to inherit, from Late Latin hērēditāre; see inherit.]

her′i·ta·bil′i·ty n.
her′i·ta·bly adv.
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Therefore, we fitted lactation length and reproductive traits with 305-d MY and presented the heritability estimates of all traits in the two trait model.
The heritability estimates for BW, 60DW, WW and PrWDG were 0.
It shared updated heritability predictions based on nationwide data in Denmark.
Estimates of realized heritability of the particular trait is important in determining its response to yield and its components has been reported by some workers in rice (KATO, 1997; TAKEDA & SAITO, 1983; GRAVOIS & MCNEW, 1993).
In a study on Baluchi sheep, the heritability of the number of lambs born per ewe in each lambing, total birth weight and total weaning weight of lambs per ewe per lambing have been reported as 0.
The main objective of the present study was to estimate the persistency of lactation in Sahiwal cows using different persistency indices and to estimate heritability of persistency.
a] --mean heritability of progenies, assuming complete survival; Acprog--accuracy in the selection of progenies, assuming complete survival; and [[?
To help the breeder in the work of obtaining and selecting superior genotypes, estimates of genetic parameters, such as heritability, are very useful in the planning of breeding programs (Sebbenn, Vilas Boas, Max, 2008a; 2008b; Rosado, Rosado, Resende, Bhering, & Cruz, 2009; Miranda et al.
Heritability of these traits, genetic correlations and correlative heritability between these traits and drought resistance were analyzed.
Seed cotton yield determines the commercial value of cotton and the heritability value plays a key role in determining selection strategy for improvement.
The following equation estimated the heritability ([h.
He covers the circularity argument; resolving the problem of circularity; Darwin's key argument for evolution by natural selection; explanation, causation, and counter-factuals; Philip Henry Gosse and the geographical knot; and the heritability of characteristics: the role of genetics and epigenetics.