Spasmodic, irregular, and unpredictable, as in movement or manner.

[ Reduplication of jerky.]


(ˈhɜr kiˈdʒɜr ki)

progressing in a fitful or jerky manner.
[1955–60; rhyming compound based on jerk1, -y1]
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The herky-jerky movements become suddenly fluid at times, which is spellbinding.
It is time New Zealand dumped its herky-jerky approach to economic reforms and learnt from Australia on boosting economic development through consistent economic reforms, advised Prime Minister John Key.
Former FMLN deputy Raul Mijango, one of the key mediators involved in the gang truce, is among those who say the administration's herky-jerky handling of the issue led to unnecessary confusion and, ultimately, undermined the accord.
Ginobili no longer seemed capable of herky-jerky dribble drives, off-balanced floaters and leaners as he dealt with a hamstring injury that has slowed him down throughout the postseason.
The herky-jerky, all-too-fast changes that you are making not only are doing damage to your short-term fan loss, you're likely setting up losses far into your tenure.
I've walked down the hall with him and he's herky-jerky and he'll go 'Watch out, Denis, you might get an elbow in the face.
I can't take seriously the slightly speeded up herky-jerky rhythm of the silents, and the overstated facial and body gestures so necessary to telling the story.
The herky-jerky move: doing a combination of all of these and confusing people at every stage.
Instead, it's the offense, herky-jerky as it is, bailing out the defense.
As one client puts it oAfter the exercise, I felt as if I was walking on the cloud in comparison to my previous herky-jerky shuffleo This Studio is meeting hopes of men and women in attaining comfort through the balancing Body and Mind.
With this backdrop, it is no accident that Los Angeles has become the nation's capital for both commercial marijuana and the bewilderingly herky-jerky efforts to rein it in, the subject of this month's cover story ("L.
They swapped their initial herky-jerky sound for something a bit more widescreen with their second album, Wall of Arms, and in November of last year T collaborated with rapper Roots Manuva on a re-working of album track and live favourite No Kind Words.