Spasmodic, irregular, and unpredictable, as in movement or manner.

[ Reduplication of jerky.]


(ˈhɜr kiˈdʒɜr ki)

progressing in a fitful or jerky manner.
[1955–60; rhyming compound based on jerk1, -y1]
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Wray's nomination will bring an end to a herky-jerky search that has seen several contenders take their own names out of the running.
Levin's conducting gestures looked a little herky-jerky from my perspective, but the Berwick Academy musicians seemed to understand his motions just fine (save for one false entrance in the second movement).
His herky-jerky journey was conducted to a sound-track of car horns.
The use of flashbacks to connect emotional fragments and convey narrative detail can too easily become a screenwriter's crutch, and it will take time for attentive audiences to adjust to the herky-jerky rhythms here.
Farther downstage, a dancer in vaguely Japanese garb (Arikitau Tentau, from the tiny Pacific nation of Kiribati) presented herky-jerky arm positions, a cross between karate and some kind of semaphore signals.
Its herky-jerky says yes, construction of the new 10R/28L is in
The herky-jerky movements become suddenly fluid at times, which is spellbinding.
More than those ghostly, herky-jerky figures leaping, danseurs in a low-budget ballet, could offer.
It is time New Zealand dumped its herky-jerky approach to economic reforms and learnt from Australia on boosting economic development through consistent economic reforms, advised Prime Minister John Key.
Former FMLN deputy Raul Mijango, one of the key mediators involved in the gang truce, is among those who say the administration's herky-jerky handling of the issue led to unnecessary confusion and, ultimately, undermined the accord.
Internet bonding, Uncanny features no herky-jerky humanoids with wires protruding from their backs.
Speed is a lack of unnecessary motion and not herky-jerky muscle manipulation.