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 (hûrm) also her·ma (hûr′mə)
n. pl. herms also her·mae (-mī)
A rectangular, often tapering stone post bearing a carved head or bust, usually of Hermes, used as a boundary marker in ancient Greece and for decorative purposes in later periods.

[Latin hermēs, herma, from Greek hermēs, from Hermēs, Hermes.]



a monument consisting of a four-sided shaft tapering inward from top to bottom and bearing a head or bust.
[1570–80; < Latin hermēs < Greek hermês statue of Hermes]
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Trizah Atuka (captain), Noel Murambi, Leonida Kasaya, Celestine Nafula, Monica Biama, Naomi Too, Rose Jepkosgei, Yvonne Sinaida, Janet Wanja, Agrippina Kundu, Rael Tebla, Esther Wangeci, Lucy Akinyi, Christine NgugiCoach: Japheth MunalaAssistant coach: Margaret IndakalaMercy Moim (captain), Joy Luseneka, Herma Jepyegon, Loise Jepkosgei, Edith Wisa, Emmaculate Chemtai, Shyrine Jepkemboi, Diana Khisa, Lorine Chebet, Everlyne Makuto, Sharon Chepchumba, Yvonne Wavinya, Elizabeth Wanyama, Judith Tarus.
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The cash donors were the Philippine Sports Commission through chairman Butch Ramirez with P50,000, Kia Picanto through PBA governor Bobby Rosales with P20,000, NLEX through PBA governor Rod Franco with P20,000, The Herma Group through CEO Hermie Esguerra with P15,000, GlobalPort through PBA governor Erick Arejola with P10,000 and the Games and Amusements Board through chairman Baham Mitra with P5,000.
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8232; - Various Label Paper formats (Avery, APLI, A-One, Canon, Data Becker, Decadry, Epson, Fellowes, Herma, Memorex, Neato, etc.
Me enferma que digan, que insinuen que yo he perdido profesionalmente por hacer Gran Herma no.
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She leaves three daughters, Zina Gjinko, Mirela Karapanco, and Eva Peters; six grandchildren, Dorikla and Herma Gjinko, Elvi and Aleksia Karapanco, and David and Philipp Peters.