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 (hûr′mə-no͞o′tĭk, -nyo͞o′-) also her·me·neu·ti·cal (-tĭ-kəl)
Interpretive; explanatory.

[Greek hermēneutikos, from hermēneutēs, interpreter, from hermēneuein, to interpret, from hermēneus, interpreter.]

her′me·neu′ti·cal·ly adv.
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He discusses business and finance in the tradition of Catholic social thought, to show what might be new and original in the PopeAEs ideas; his statements on business, his hermeneutical paradigm shift, and the role of his Jesuit spirituality and Latin American background; his moral message on business and the importance of poverty in it; and the importance of spiritual life, contemplation, and prayer as the focus of the social renewal of business as a calling to holiness that he has in mind.
In what concerns to rationalist philosophy, this article mobilizes the reflecting judgment as a condition for a hermeneutics that lay its roots on the critique of judgment, allowing articulations that are organized from a research-orienting question: at what measure can a hermeneutical ethics offer an epistemological guidance for Law in contemporaneity?
Conceived as a coherent set of situations, the evolution of the world is also, seen as a fusion of horizons of a different hermeneutical situation.
Collaboratively compiled and co-edited by Michael Bowler (Associate Professor of Philosophy at Michigan Technological University) and Ingo Farin (lecturer in philosophy at the University of Tasmania, Australia", "Hermeneutical Heidegger" is a collection of eleven scholarly essays that critically examines and confronts Heidegger's hermeneutical approach to philosophy and the history of philosophy.
Reexamining the importance of this project, this study argues for two basic theses: (1) Professor Lavoie's appropriation of the German philosopher Hans-Georg Gadamer remains a robust philosophical framework for the Austrian science of praxeology; and (2) the Austrian critiques of his hermeneutical project ironically adopt the same epistemic presuppositions that have historically marginalized the distinctively Austrian methodology of praxeology.
engages an impressive number of authors from both the continental and analytic traditions and makes use of insights from both Eastern and Western thought in order to "bring hermeneutical philosophy/theology in direct confrontation with Trinitarian theology" (x).
This paper focuses on the hermeneutical recognition that happens during the cross-cultural transmission of the gospel.
It is an attempt by De La Torre to shift the discourse of Christian ethics by integrating a hermeneutical mode of liberation theology.
One goal is to demonstrate and promote metaphor-focused exegesis as a complementary partner to a variety of hermeneutical approaches to the Psalms.
With some overlaps, the present volume, Changing Horizons: Explorations in Feminist Interpretation, focuses primarily on Fiorenza's hermeneutical strategies and practices.
First, I introduce Fricker's two forms of epistemic injustice, testimonial injustice and hermeneutical injustice, and a third form of epistemic injustice, contributory injustice.
The resulting hermeneutical process is Christocentric, based on a following of Jesus understood in terms of the language of love more than the language of ethics.