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1. A person who has withdrawn from society and lives a solitary existence; a recluse.
2. A cookie made with molasses, raisins, and nuts.

[Middle English heremite, from Old French, from Medieval Latin herēmīta, from Late Latin erēmīta, from Greek erēmītēs, from erēmiā, desert, from erēmos, solitary.]

her·mit′ic, her·mit′i·cal adj.
her·mit′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.hermitical - characterized by ascetic solitudehermitical - characterized by ascetic solitude; "the eremitic element in the life of a religious colony"; "his hermitic existence"
unworldly - not concerned with the temporal world or swayed by mundane considerations; "was unworldly and did not greatly miss worldly rewards"- Sheldon Cheney
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The same Hermitical state of mind led to her renunciation of made dishes and wines at dinner, until fairly commanded by Mr.
Burma came into focus because that country, with its uniquely independent mind, not only deviated from the path followed by other former British colonies in that she cut off her political links with Britain completely before she later settled down a nation engrossed in hermitical isolation, but was important to India as a country sharing borders with her and to preserve the territorial integrity in her north eastern states of Assam and Nagaland which were linked with the rest of India only by a narrow neck vulnerable to East Pakistan's intervention on one side and Chinese intervention in the other direction.
But another sense of the term was the one referring to the monastic or hermitical life and principals.