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Noun1.hesitance - a feeling of diffidence and indecision about doing something
diffidence, self-distrust, self-doubt - lack of self-confidence
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Recurrent fears over a potential slowdown in economic momentum in the UK economy complimented with the Bank of England's hesitance towards committing itself to raising UK interest rates will encourage some profit-taking on the GBPUSD.
I think, initially, you may see a little bit of hesitance, but certainly a quick adjustment to higher petrol prices, so it won't have a long-term impact," he said.
After years of hesitance, interest in autonomous safety assistants is finally beginning to show marked growth.
Liberty's hesitance to buy (and Vodafone's reluctance to sell) is motivated by a number of key concerns, namely; potential revenue losses, pricing disagreements and future ownership structures.
Dr Sarwat Saqib from Aziz Fatima Hospital said that womens hesitance even to discuss the disease is a major cause behind high mortality due to breast cancer in the country.
During this period, social solidarity must be found and terrorism against innocent citizens eliminated, but hesitance within the government hinders the overcoming of these obstacles.
Sources added that the police have shown hesitance in taking any action against Guru Nanak Multi- Speciality Hospital in Ghuman, where the surgeries were performed.
Encouraged to practice hard by her friends Skunk and Mole, Bella continues to work with her initial hesitance and clumsiness, further helped by Parrot to uncover her very own Dragonasaurus groove.
The pair went on a few more dates in New York City and Shields said: "I thought he was obviously aware of my hesitance regarding sex.
While talking with his "Star Trek Into Darkness" co-star Zachary Quinto, who came out as gay in 2011, they discussed gay actors' hesitance in admitting their sexuality.
Despite Mr Al Mawali's hesitance to lay the blame for the fire at anyone's door, both the National Unity Assembly (NUA) and independent activist Salman Naser claim that the blaze was caused by a Molotov cocktail attack - designed to threaten Mr Al Mawali from contesting the polls in an opposition stronghold area.