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n. Archaic
Command; behest.

[Middle English, alteration of hes, from Old English hǣs; see keiə- in Indo-European roots.]


an archaic word for behest
[Old English hǣs; related to hātan to promise, command]



1. a command; directive.
2. an earnest request.
[before 1000; Middle English bihest(e), Old English behǣs promise. See be-, hest]
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Another reason is many New Zealand organisations trust their suppliers and believe that they will simply do the right thing when needed--despite the absence of, or even the specific exclusion of security obligations from contractual agreements," says van Hest in a statement.
If one knife put this relatively new company on the map, it's the DPx HEST folder.
As well as increasing membership among these individuals, Catherine and the SOFFIT team plans to create Technical Manager forums and 'round table debates' to encourage sharing of ideas and hest practise among technical managers working in industry.
On June 1 Lash Shaheed Noor Muhammad Mengal admitted responsibility of this attack and said that a man Hayat at the be hest of BRSP and NGO disgraced Holy Quran.
Its the hest prize Tvc ever won," McKlmccI enthuses.
We believe that helping our customers to be successful is the hest way to ensure our success, and the new plant will help us to achieve this," says Managing Director Gary Seward.
We share the hest practices that lead to success here in Suzhou with PPG plants all around the world.
The 24-hour doorman loft building will have a private, $350-a-month, two-level parking garage for 30 cars and will partner with local galleries and curators to hest contemporary art and photography exhibitions.
food, hest good To find your nearest store, visit petsathome.
After being signed at age 24, Ari Hest made two albums for Columbia Records.
All the 23 victims, who were illegal immigrants, were caught in fast-rising tides on Warton Sands, off Hest Bank, Lancashire, on the night of February 5, 2004.