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n. Archaic
Command; behest.

[Middle English, alteration of hes, from Old English hǣs; see keiə- in Indo-European roots.]


an archaic word for behest
[Old English hǣs; related to hātan to promise, command]



1. a command; directive.
2. an earnest request.
[before 1000; Middle English bihest(e), Old English behǣs promise. See be-, hest]
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Hest HVB Liquid-Cold Process High Efficiency Thickener
Hest will swing by the WOW Hall for a late show Saturday.
The men were off Hest Bank when the tide caught them at 9.
But this week they held two secret vigils, one in the dead of night, on the cockling beach at Hest Bank, Morecambe, where the tragedy happened, inviting the sea to give up the extra bodies with Buddhist chants and sacrificial offerings.
Tamworth trainer John Wileman is back riding high once more, thanks to Woodbrook Wine, who followed his fastest of the night hest victory in the Essex Vase at Romford but justifying odds-on in style in Friday's second round for a place in the semis.
Since the second quarter usually experiences the hi hest average sales prices in a given year, it is anticipate the market will continue to see rising prices in the near term.
Maikel van Hest, NREL Senior Scientist, states, "Optomec's unique technology will be a complementary part of NREL's Atmospheric Processing Platform, which will enable us to push the use of atmospheric processing in photovoltaics to the highest level.
Component I: Improving and expanding access in HEST in six public universities and two degree awarding institutions.
com, Hest Technologies Inc, KL Financial, W5star Inc, and many more positioning SmartCard Marketing Systems Inc.
Global Seven Hest Water Dispersible Esters are ethoxylated octanoate esters of fatty acids.
The Chinese cocklers drowned after they were caught in rising tides off Hest Bank in February 2004.
Lin Liang Ren, 29, was found guilty of unlawfully killing a team of Chinese cocklers who were caught in fast incoming tides on Warton Sands, off Hest Bank, Lancashire, on February 5 2004.