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1. Of or characterized by different colors; varicolored.
2. Consisting of different wavelengths or frequencies.
3. Of or relating to heterochromatin.

het′er·o·chro′ma·tism (-krō′mə-tĭz′əm) n.


1. (Colours) of or involving many different colours
2. (General Physics) physics consisting of or concerned with different frequencies or wavelengths
ˌheteroˈchromatism n


(ˌhɛt ər ə kroʊˈmæt ɪk, -oʊ krə-)

1. of, having, or pertaining to more than one color.
2. having a pattern of mixed colors.
3. of or pertaining to heterochromatin.
het`er•o•chro′ma•tism (-ˈkroʊ məˌtɪz əm) n.
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In contrast, heterochromatic regions, such as the ends of chromosomes (i.
Lipid staining showed heterochromatic nucleus with positive lipid reaction foci in the cytoplasm of GCs in AFs.
7- Ni II selectivity interacted with heterochromatic long arm of the Xchromosome ,because Ni II binding to the histone protein, which is form octahedral or square planer with protein which are more efficient in coordinating nickel complex than high molecular weight of double strand DNA , which is cause chromosomal damage peripheral lymphocyte ,when the worker exposure to the nickel [12,14,15] , also cause mutation for the human workers lunge [14,16] .
Among their topics are the development and maturation of human germ cells and disorders of those processes in childhood, capacitation and acrosome reaction, the clinical management of men with macrocephalic sperm head syndrome, sperm-induced oocyte activation, concern and possible seminal quality decline in the world's male population, suggestions from the fruit fly on whether the heterochromatic component of the human Y chromosome is a genetic wasteland or something more, heavy metal contamination and male reproductive health, and spermatozoa in zero-gravity.
The observed M SM [right arrow] ST transition with decreasing DNA content suggests that a loss of DNA, in the form of noncoding heterochromatic material, could be the most likely mechanism producing the genome size variability among the different abalone species.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Researchers identified a novel protein that is highly conserved in higher eukaryotes, and showed that in human cells, this protein binds to heterochromatic structures which are important to cell division and chromosome maintenance.
This method differs from that of Thomasen and Poulsen (1993) in that sequences amplified by the PCR primers are within the HMG box of the sex-determining gene itself, rather than in DNA from the heterochromatic long arm of the Y chromosome.
H3K9me1 has previouslybeen shown to be enriched at sites of heterochromatic ALU repeats (22, 23).
MP optical density was measured psychophysically using heterochromatic flicker photometry, serum L and Z were quantified by HPLC, and dietary intake of L and Z was assessed using a validated food-frequency questionnaire.
Although the Yq heterochromatic region predominantly consists of DYZ1 and DYZ2 classes of repeat sequences (25), a few studies have shown its association with infertility and reproductive failure.
Each heterochromatic block, through its chiasma displacement effect, can keep in its proximity certain favorable allele combinations of different genes ("coadapted gene pools") (17).
The moderately heterochromatic nuclei of the tumor cells harbored highly conspicuous, often multiple spheridia (nuclear inclusions) (Figure 4), which are useful but nonspecific markers of thyroid follicular cells, both normal and neoplastic.