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A change or set of changes in the timing or duration of an organism's ontogenetic development compared with an ancestral species, resulting in morphological differences between ancestor and descendant.

[hetero- + Greek khronos, time + -y.]

het′e·ro·chron′ic, het′e·ro·chron′ous adj.


(ˌhɛtərəʊˈkrɒnɪk) or


(Biology) biology occurring at different times or stages
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With the exception of several probably heterochronous, stratigraphically and geographically restricted horizons, the dark shales of the Sarka Formation are usually quite sparsely fossiliferous.
This is why it is always possible to undo dualisms from the inside, by tracing the line of flight which passes between two terms or the two sets, the narrow stream which belongs neither to the one or the other, but draws both into a non-parallel evolution, into a heterochronous becoming.
The authors could not conclude whether this represented a pulmonary metastasis or multiple heterochronous tumors.