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By mammography, NETs are frequently heterogenously dense oval or lobulated masses with indistinct margins.
Typically, the T1 signal intensity is lower than that of liver and the T2 signal is heterogenously hyperintense.
Homogenously distributed values were compared using Student T-test and heterogenously distributed values were compared using Mann-Whitney U-test.
On the CT scan of his chest there was a heterogenously enhancing soft-tissue mass (42 mm x 30 mm) in the posterior segment of the left upper lobe, adjacent to the proximal descending thoracic aorta, with a tissue plane between the mass and mediastinal structures appreciated.
Milgrom, 1985, "Bid, Ask and Transaction Prices in a Specialist Market with Heterogenously Informed Traders," Journal of Financial Economics 14, 71-100.
It was isointense on the T1W images and heterogenously hypointense on the T2W images with cystic areas, which were hyperintense on T2 and on the T1W images.