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Adj.1.heterological - not corresponding in structure or evolutionary origin
biological science, biology - the science that studies living organisms
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Michel de Certeau, discussing heterological writing--writing that engenders its "products by means of a passage through or by way of the other" in what he labels a sexual process--asserts that it is precisely the condition of partial failure due to "the inaccessibility of its 'object" that formulates it as an erotics.
The antonym of autological is heterological--and don't ask whether this word is autological or heterological because either way you'll get a contradiction (this is known to logicians as the Grelling-Nelson Paradox, and it's closely related to Russell's Paradox the discovery of which was one of the milestones leading to the development of modern logic).
The simple reason is that a radically queer or heterological sensibility has ecological bearings.