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a. Not corresponding or similar in position, value, structure, or function; not homologous.
b. Biology Relating to traits, such as organs or body parts, that do not correspond in structure or evolutionary origin.
2. Derived from a different species: a heterologous transplant; a heterologous gene.
3. Genetics Relating to chromosomes that do not normally pair during mitosis or meiosis.
4. Relating to cells or tissues that do not usually occur in a given part of the body: a heterologous tumor.
5. Immunology
a. Relating to a vaccine or serum that confers immunity against a pathogen that is not identical to but is immunologically related to the pathogen used to create the vaccine or serum.
b. Relating to an antigen and antibody that do not correspond to one another.

[hetero- + Greek logos, word, relation; see -logy + -ous.]

het′er·ol′o·gy (-jē) n.
het′er·ol′o·gous·ly adv.


1. an abnormality in tissue structure, arrangement, or manner of formation.
2. the study of abnormalities in tissue structure or organization. — heterologous, adj.
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Noun1.heterology - (biology) the lack of correspondence of apparently similar body parts
dissimilarity, unsimilarity - the quality of being dissimilar
biological science, biology - the science that studies living organisms
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Indeed, the lens of Certeau's heterology underlines how the Ainulindale's practices of song, theme, and harmony give voice to notions of traversing boundaries, of hearkening to, of blending.
Deconstructing Cultural Omnivorousness 1982-2002: Heterology in Americans' Musical Preferences.
She posits that in the last century comparative literature was restricted by the nation approach within while in the twenty-first century it will undoubtedly step onto the stage of East-West cultural communication characterized by heterogeneity and heterology (see Yue, Chen, Wang, Zhang 19).
B--Ultra-basic rocks heterology due to hydrothermal solutions in vein or veinlet forms: In this process the ultra-basic rocks, especially Peridotites are transformed into Serpentine due to Serpentinisation and relatively pure Magnesite and Hontite deposit is formed inside the fractures as a result.
So it is with the kind of heterology Michel de Certeau embraces.