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1. Being, relating to, or of the nature of a heteronym.
2. Being different names or terms but having correspondence or interrelationship, as mother and daughter.

[From Late Greek heterōnumos, from Greek, with a different denominator : Greek hetero-, hetero- + Greek onoma, name; see nō̆-men- in Indo-European roots.]
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Even when Fernando Pessoa doesn't sign as one of his heteronymous, the multiplicity of 'personas' is already intrinsically presented to his texts.
Diplopia charting: showed binocular heteronymous crossed diplopia with false image higher with upper end tilted towards paralysed side
In the same trend of thought, Piaget (1934) stated that children's morality is based on an evaluation of actions that depends on the material consequences, since the child does not differentiate with clarity the physical area from the psychic one; that is to say, children are heteronymous moral thinkers because they judge their actions according to the rules imposed by an authority which, in most cases, is represented by parents or any adult that is in charge of them.
In other words, Maimonides rejected an autonomous acceptance of these laws in favor of a heteronymous acceptance of God's revealed laws.
Binasal hemianopsia, unlike types of visual field loss such as bitemporal heteronymous hemianopia, unilateral homonymous hemianopia, is not common and cannot be explained by a single visual tract lesion.
8] According to this model, 'people accept responsibility for all their actions, rather than hide behind heteronymous rules and regulations'.
heteronymous principle similar to that which Bourdieu sees as common to all cultural fields (Bourdieu 1996a: 216).
It seems that when heteronymous forces attempt to direct intrinsic motivation, the organism no longer wants to play" (Ryan, Kuhl, & Deci, 1997, p.
The gain modulation of the heteronymous excitation of quadriceps with changes in position of the knee and hip joints in humans.
12) When the security guard encounters conflicts based on a heteronymous definition of the product, the social order or "the normal" is contested.