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(ˈhɛt ər ə fɪl)

reacting with or having an affinity for more than one kind of substance, as an antibody with more than one antigen.
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The heterophil rich suspension was mixed with a discontinuous Ficoll-Hypaque (Sigma Chemical Co.
A stress leukogram (high white blood cell and heterophil count) was found in all nestlings, suggesting stress induced by capture and restraint.
Lab tests, such as complete blood counts, heterophil antibodies, and Epstein-Barr titers, may show abnormalities characteristic of the disease but are not reliable for making decisions about sports readiness.
Lab tests were ordered and showed a WBC count of 14,400 with absolute lymphocytosis; AST enzyme was slightly increased; and ALT enzyme was about three times the upper limit of normal and heterophil antibodies were positive.
A backward stepwise regression (n = 28) was run to analyze the relationship between blood Hg concentration and hematocrit, glucose, lymphocyte cell count, heterophil cell count, urea nitrogen, total protein, albumin, aspartate aminotransferase (AST), calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, chlorine, globulin, creatine phosphokinase (CPK), and uric acid.
Although the mechanism of decreased lysozyme is not understood, the data suggest that heterophil function is suppressed in turtles as exposure to OCs increases.
The heterophil:lymphocyte ratio was calculated dividing heterophil by lymphocyte percentages.
No significance difference were determined for immunity parameters such as Heterophil, H; Lymphocyte, L; and H/L ratio.
The effects of long-term caging and molt of Single Comb White Leghorn hens of heterophil to lymphocyte ratios, corticosterone and thyroid hormones.
Table 7: Differential count of white blood cells of laying hens fed experimental diets differential count of white blood cells Heterophil Lymphocyte Treatments Control 27.