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Discrimination or prejudice against lesbians, gay men, or bisexuals by heterosexual people.

het′er·o·sex′ist adj. & n.


(Sociology) discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, practised by heterosexuals against homosexuals
ˌheteroˈsexist adj, n


(ˌhɛt ər əˈsɛk sɪz əm)

a prejudiced attitude or discriminatory practices against homosexuals by heterosexuals.
het`er•o•sex′ist, n., adj.
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Noun1.heterosexism - discrimination in favor of heterosexual and against homosexual people
discrimination, favoritism, favouritism - unfair treatment of a person or group on the basis of prejudice


nHeterosexismus m
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If we have any hope of moving the discussion in a justice-seeking direction, we need a new approach to the problems of homohatred and heterosexism that begins not with church teaching but with real people's lives.
In these search processes, keywords related to discrimination based on sexual orientation--homophobia OR homophobic OR homonegativity OR homophobic discrimination OR LGB prejudice OR homosexism OR heterosexism OR sexual stigma OR homophobic bullying were combined (AND) with terms related to the theoretical framework of resilience--protective factor OR buffer OR resilience OR protective mechanism OR positive adaptation.
There is a burgeoning field of research on the influence of heterosexism on the mental health of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQQ) people (Grant et al.
The voice of the LGBT population may especially be negatively affected by invisibility and heterosexism.
Here, she examines the challenges faced today by LGBT families, who must overcome homophobia, heterosexism, and gender discrimination to thrive.
Herek defined this idea best when he referred to heterosexism as "an ideological system that denies, denigrates, and stigmatizes any non-heterosexual form of behavior, identity, relationship, or community.
Yet, as is sometimes true of recent work in trinitarian theology, the desire to right a variety of social wrongs--dysfunctional families, racism, heterosexism, poverty--is the goal of trinitarian theology, or at least its best rationale.
This study used a randomized pretest-posttest control group design to evaluate and examine the impact of Safe Space training on competency levels of a sample of school counselors/ school counselor trainees and to explore the relationship between LGBTQ competency and awareness of sexism and heterosexism.
com)-- Beauty pageants, auctions, speed-dating and similar events are fairly common on college campuses across the country, but they can also be laced with sexism, racism, cultural bias or heterosexism.
After chapters on theoretical and conceptual foundations, readings are grouped in sections on racism, classism, religious oppression, sexism, heterosexism, transgender oppression, ableism, and ageism and adultism.
Heterosexism is defined in a variety of ways because it is both hard to recognize and is also so deeply integrated into our social lives (D.
Heterosexism has been defined as valuing heterosexuality as superior to and/or more natural or normal than gay and lesbian sexual orientations (Morin, 1977).