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[Late Greek heterōsis, alteration, alteration of Greek heteroiōsis, from heteroioun, to alter, from heteroios, different in kind, from heteros, other; see hetero-.]

het′er·ot′ic (-rŏt′ĭk) adj.


(Biology) biology another name for hybrid vigour
[C19: from Late Greek: alteration, from Greek heteroioun to alter, from heteros other, different]


(ˌhɛt əˈroʊ sɪs)

the increase in growth, size, yield, or other characters in hybrids over those of the parents.
[1910–15; < Late Greek hetérōsis an alteration. See hetero-, -osis]


abnormal development, especially increased size, in plants or animals, usually as a result of cross-breeding.
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abnormal development, especially increased size, in plants or animals, usually as a result of crossbreeding.
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Noun1.heterosis - (genetics) the tendency of a crossbred organism to have qualities superior to those of either parent
tendency, inclination - a characteristic likelihood of or natural disposition toward a certain condition or character or effect; "the alkaline inclination of the local waters"; "fabric with a tendency to shrink"
genetic science, genetics - the branch of biology that studies heredity and variation in organisms
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Hybridization results in heterosis, thereby producing offspring that have higher fecundity, faster maturation, and a wider intermediate host spectrum.
1] hybrids frequently show evidence of heterosis for various characteristics.
The aim of the proposed project is to produce and offer to both private and public wheat breeding programs information and/or hybrid wheat seeds obtained from selected crosses found to possess great potentials for the expression of heterosis (hybrid vigor) for grain weight and size.
This study investigated phenotypic variability, heterosis, estimates of genetic parameters and predicted genetic responses for F in a synthetic strain of ducks selected with purpose of increasing the number of fertile eggs after single AI with pooled Muscovy semen, and for producing white plumage mule ducks.
Use of male sterility system would be appropriate approach for commercial exploitation of heterosis in rice.
Yield heterosis is common following unilateral sexual polyploidization in which the tetraploid female parent is typically a potato cultivar or advanced breeding selection and the diploid male parent is a dihaploid x wild species hybrid or a cultivated diploid x dihaploid hybrid (De Jong et al.
The basis of passionarity phenomenon makes, in our opinion, the heterosis phenomenon.
The use of populations with different heterotic patterns is a strategy that allows exploration and capitalization on heterosis to produce new corn hybrids (PINTO et al.
Crossbreed programs have the advantage of creating heterosis (higher performance levels) in their progeny.
Using these new tools and genetic stocks, fundamental questions in potato genetics such as the identification of domestication genes and the molecular basis of heterosis will be addressed and will improve the selection of progenitors for desirable traits of the next generation of potato varieties.
This result indicates that dominance effect of the QTL is highly appreciable in reproductive traits in Hanwoo, which is in agreement with the previous reports about strong effects of heterosis on reproduction in cattle (Cundiff et al.
In this study, we constructed complete 4 x 4 diallel crosses using broodstock from 4 geographical subpopulations of sea scallops along the Atlantic coast of Canada, and heterosis and combining abilities in growth and survival rates at larval and adult grow-out stages were analyzed.