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Reproducing by cross-fertilization between individuals of different mating types. Used of certain fungi and algae.

[hetero- + Greek thallos, young shoot; see thallo- + -ic.]

het′er·o·thal′lism n.


1. (Botany) (of some algae and fungi) having male and female reproductive organs on different thalli
2. (Botany) (of some fungi) having sexual reproduction that occurs only between two self-sterile mycelia
[C20: from hetero- + Greek thallos green shoot, young twig]
ˌheteroˈthallism, ˌheteroˈthally n


(ˌhɛt ər əˈθæl ɪk)

having mycelia of two unlike types, both of which must participate in the sexual process.
[1900–05; hetero- + thall(us) + -ic]
het`er•o•thal′lism, n.
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Mycosphaerella rabiei Kovacheski), belongs to bipolar heterothallic ascomycete which is involved in production of pseudothecia upon over wintered filed crop residues.
Of the several fungal diseases that afflict the finger millet crop, blast caused by the heterothallic, filamentous fungus Magnaporthe grisea (anamorph- Pyricularia grisea (Cooke) Sacc.
continentalis, and Metschnikowia hibisci, new heterothallic haploid yeasts from ephemeral flowers and associated insects.
The latter two species are heterothallic thus did not produce oospores and or sexual structures in single cultures.