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1. Occurring in an abnormal anatomic location: heterotopic bone formation.
2. Grafted or transplanted into an abnormal location: heterotopic liver transplantation.

het′er·o·to′pi·a (-tō′pē-ə) n.


a. heterotópico-a, rel. a la heterotopía.
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The surgery -- known as a heterotopic or piggyback heart transplant -- is rare and worldwide only about 150 such procedures have ever been reported," said Dr Gokhale.
It also addresses the problems of these fractures in the elderly and children and in osteoporosis, as well as typical problems, such as thromboembolic complications and heterotopic ossifications.
This pattern had low sensitivity and specificity: relatively few patients with such symptoms develop BD, while many young people without heterotopic symptoms do develop BD.
We present a case of a failed open distal clavicle resection with postoperative recurrence in the setting of DISH that required revision surgery in addition to postoperative heterotopic ossification prophylaxis.
In the surgical model of rabbits with heterotopic heart graft, LDE concentrated four-fold more in the heart graft than in the native heart.
We report a rare case of Heterotopic pregnancy in a natural conception cycle, where a clinically stable patient with low risk factors which was picked up on USG.
Furthermore, the article explores how a critical interpretation of Foucault's six heterotopic principles, following Harvey, maps onto Attention Restorative Theory principles and reflexively unmasks the dialectic tensions of what is termed 'restorative, heterotopic spacing'.
We report a case of drug-resistant epilepsy with normal intelligence, having bilateral subependymal heterotopic nodules in the brain, presenting to us with a movement disorder in the form of myoclonus of bilateral lower limbs which is an unusual manifestation of gray matter heterotopias.
Heterotopic salivary gland imitating laryngeal cyst.
In patients with venous pathology precluding heterotopic renal transplantation, an orthotopic site may be considered.
In an article about architecture and the contested space, Foucault introduced the concept of heterotopic space.
3,4) In cases of GMH, the neuronal migration is prematurely halted resulting in the formation of heterotopic nests in the white matter.