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n. pl. het·mans
See ataman.

[Ukrainian het'man, from Polish hetman, from German dialectal hötmann, hetmann, captain; akin to German Hauptmann, from Middle High German houbetman : houbet, head (from Old High German houbit; see kaput- in Indo-European roots) + man, man (from Old High German; see fugleman).]


n, pl -mans
(Historical Terms) another word for ataman
[C18: from Polish, from German Hauptmann headman]


(ˈhɛt mən)

n., pl. -mans.
a Cossack chief; ataman.
[1700–10; < Ukrainian hét'man title of the Zaporozhye Cossak chief]
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Many of these customers are interested in outdoor adventures like kayaking, mountain biking, snowboarding and such more national park than RV park, explains Yaro Hetman, Ford brand manager for Transit, Transit Connect and E-Series.
Nikolai Ulakhovich, supreme hetman (military commander of the Cossacks) of the organization Belarusian Cossacks, and Sergei Gaidukevich, chairman of the Belarusian Liberal Democratic Party.
In its 2015 range, Hetman Software enhanced the entire product range with the ability to store current progress, automatically resuming an interrupted data recovery job if the task is interrupted for any reason.
Retired Merseyside police officer Dennis suffered a stroke while on holiday in Marmaris with his wife, leaving him alone in the private Ahu Hetman hospital after she was forced to fly home.
Erin, from Edinburgh, also posted a heartfelt thanks to all the staff at the private Ahu Hetman hospital in Marmaris.
Callum, of Kennoway, Fife, was rushed to the private Ahu Hetman Hospital for emergency surgery.
Kiev, qui demande a sa fregate Hetman Sahaidachny de revenir a sa base, a decide hier de renforcer les mesures de securite de ses 15 sites nucleaires en service.
Hetman Mazepa, already an important political figure in his own right, and well respected throughout the various far-flung Ukrainian lands for his patronage of architecture, literature, and the arts, was to make a great impression upon European opinion by his unexpected revolt against Russian rule, and Voltaire did not ignore this surprising event.
After four headlong days the horse dies under its burden, who is rescued by a Cossack maiden and survives to become Hetman of the Ukraine.
Gudzyk's story "Shchob ne zaznavavsia" (So that he doesn't put on airs, 2005), in which the writer describes Hetman Petro Sahaidachny's election at Sich--the Zaporozhian Cossack encampment and main base of operations--in such a way as if it were happening today, is a brilliant example of reportage of this kind.
The conte d'Ogiriski is probably Michael Kazimierz Oginnski (1728-1800), the Grand Hetman of Lithuania.
Ahu Hetman Hastanesi Deri ve Zuhrevi Hastaliklar Klinigi, Mugla, Turkiye