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The univalent hydrocarbon group C6H13.


(Chemistry) (modifier) of, consisting of, or containing the group of atoms C6H13, esp the isomeric form of this group, CH3(CH2)4CH2-: a hexyl group or radical.


(ˈhɛk sɪl)

any of five univalent, isomeric groups with the formula C6H13.
[1865–70; < Greek héx six + -yl]
hex•yl′ic, adj.
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Tenders are invited for Supply Of 2-Ethyl Hexyl Alcohol As Per Technical Specification Given In Tender Document.
Previous studies have confirmed that these materials are generally biocompatible, possess favorable physico-mechanical properties, and can be fabricated readily into devices useful for medical applications (1-14), Ertel and Kohn have shown that the poly(deamino-tyr-tyr carbonate hexyl ester) or poly(DTH-carbonate) is amorphous polymer, having high hydrophobicity and they do not swell in aqueous media or during the degradation process (4), (15).
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Organic modifier of Cloisite 10A, Cloisite 25A, and Closite 30B is dimethyl benzyl hydrogenated tallow quaternary ammonium, dimethyl hydrogenated tallow 2-ethyl hexyl quaternary ammonium, and methyl tallow bis-2-hydroxyethyl quaternary ammonium, respectively.
Other columns developed for use with small molecules with double bonds or anormatic rings, such as a phenyl or phenyl hexyl phase, often suffer from sub-optimal selectivity and poor peak shape.
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Along with these introduced "chemical" defects, twisting of aromatic backbone of the polymer can occur even without a tilting or displacement of arene monomer out of backbone plane, as a result of interaction of aliphatic hexyl group.
50 (Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate) Diethylamino (HydroxybenzoyI hexyl benzoate) 3.
INCI: Titanium dioxide (and) dimethicone (and) hexyl laurate (and) PEG-10 dimethicone (and) polyglyceiyl-4 isostearate (and) stearic acid (and) alumina
The diamide used was a mono-aminediamide 6T6m, where 6 stands for hexamethylene diamine, 6m for a hexyl amine group and T for a terephthalic group (Fig.