hide away

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w>hide away

visich verstecken, sich verbergen
vt sepverstecken
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491 d: And the author of "The Astronomy", which is attributed forsooth to Hesiod, always calls them (the Pleiades) Peleiades: `but mortals call them Peleiades'; and again, `the stormy Peleiades go down'; and again, `then the Peleiades hide away.
I know not what thy foul work may be, but foul it is I know from the secrecy which you have demanded, an' I dare say there will be some who would pay well to learn the whereabouts of the old woman and the child, thy sister and her son you tell me they be, who you are so anxious to hide away in old Til's garret.
Most women in the media would have been tempted to hide away from all the attention on a major duvet day.
The multi-platinum-selling singer, who released his seventh album Royalty last year, will be joined by American singer and songwriting Daya, known for her debut single Hide Away , and Australian chart-topping twins The Veronicas.
Will Ahmed finally man-up and face this scandal, or will he continue to keep his phone switched off and hide away from his troubles?
com)-- An innovative new product designed to address a common health-related concern, the Hide Away Smoke Room, has been developed by Arthur Wilson of Memphis, Tennessee.
We can't hide away from the fact that we have to take our medicine now, take the criticism that comes our way.
Not all players are as strong as Jordi, and others would maybe have tried to hide away in the first half.
Robinson said: "We can't hide away and nobody will be looking to hide away from the disappointment that we've got.
He thought that they were making fun, Of his enormous fame, So, he would quickly turn around, And hide away in shame.
London, June 12 (ANI): Welsh singer Aimee Ann Duffy has revealed that she had to hide away after winning three Brit awards as the pressure was too much to take.