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n.1.One who hides or conceals.
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Yet so unlike was she to vagrant hiders in general, that sometimes, as the day advanced, there was a bright fire in her eyes, and a quicker beating at her feeble heart, as though she said exultingly, 'The Lord will see me through it
That's how I found out that not all Al/A2 flash hiders are the same.
Our well-known brands, including Hiny Hiders, Resistall(TM) and Tufftec, feature the most durable, low maintenance and best looking partitions, lockers and industrial sheet products in the industry.
There are a myriad of companies we supply with compensators, flash hiders, and scope mounts for their production firearms.
Stila Eye Concealer, pounds 13, and YSL Radiant Touch, pounds 21, are two of the best hangover hiders.
Once more, "assault weapons" legislation becomes a factor because of the distinction between muzzle brakes, and flash hiders--brakes are OK--hiders aren't, but they do offer an effective flash hider should you care.
The hiders post latitude and longitude coordinates on the geocaching.
A former midfielder for the San Jose Earthquakes, Ronnie Eukeland is now the business manager for Bebe au Lait, the company the couple started to market Hooter Hiders.
The campers could play Oh Deer and/or Hiders and Seekers/Camouflage game.
Might there be hiders in the house, unseen presences behind those half-closed doors and darkened entrances?
April 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Scranton Products' TufftecLockers and Hiny Hiders bathroom and changing room partitions were recently selected as part of the design and construction of a new 3,300 sq.