high dudgeon

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Noun1.high dudgeon - a feeling of intense indignation (now used only in the phrase `in high dudgeon')
indignation, outrage - a feeling of righteous anger
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A violent quarrel arose between him and Lisa, and he left the boat in high dudgeon.
Bell for you and you'll go to Sunday school tomorrow," said Marilla, disap- pearing downstairs in high dudgeon.
The jongleur had put down his harp in high dudgeon.
And slamming the door in Meg's face, Aunt March drove off in high dudgeon.
I have been at a loss to understand so many of my fellow Africans, who have been left in high dudgeon by the remarks attributed to the man Americans elected to the White House as their public face and voice.
The relative actually walked out in high dudgeon, unable to believe how people seemed to be enjoying themselves too much at what was essentially a sad occasion.
As of this writing in mid-April, pretty much the entire online world is in high dudgeon over the doctor who was dragged by security officers from a United flight in Chicago because seats on the plane were needed for United crew members.
The same New York Times that had been in high dudgeon about the president from the moment he came to power now devoted almost every column inch to the steadfastness of the commander-in-chief, who had acted to teach the world (meaning China, Russia, and North Korea) a fine lesson.
Pryor, the obvious godfather of the Hart style--a fusion of raging high dudgeon and scaredy-cat confession --sometimes raised his voice in the mock-scolding tones, but Hart tends to raise his voice and keep it raised.
He started the business in high dudgeon on finding himself PS5,000 worse off though innocent himself in a crash his Jaguar was involved in.
In a state of high dudgeon, Ms Parker said she didn't need to lose weight and was perfectly healthy - hard to believe of someone who's at least five stones fatter than she should be, whose obesity makes her susceptible to heart disease, diabetes, some cancers, asthma, arthritis and God knows what else and who, I noticed, was breathless after walking just a few yards.
I was in a meeting the other day when a man across the table went into a high dudgeon about assisted suicide, which he opposed vociferously; he was still bitter and not a little enraged that citizens in our state were by law allowed to pursue such an ending to their lives, after slowly proceeding through various legal checkpoints.

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