high temperature

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Noun1.high temperature - the presence of heat
temperature - the degree of hotness or coldness of a body or environment (corresponding to its molecular activity)
calefaction, incalescence - the property of being warming
fieriness, red heat - the heat or the color of fire
torridity - extreme heat
warmness, warmth - the quality of having a moderate degree of heat; "an agreeable warmth in the house"
white heat - the hotness of something heated until it turns white
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So long before being forwarded to Tampa Town, the iron ore, molten in the great furnaces of Coldspring, and brought into contact with coal and silicium heated to a high temperature, was carburized and transformed into cast iron.
Not at present; because the solar rays, beating directly upon our thermometer, would give, on the contrary, a very high temperature.
Yet with this high temperature, almost every beetle, several genera of spiders, snails, and land-shells, toads and lizards were all lying torpid beneath stones.
Immediately flying to the bell, and calling for mulled wine as impetuously as if it had been wanted for instant use in the recovery of some person apparently drowned, the single gentleman made Kit's mother swallow a bumper of it at such a high temperature that the tears ran down her face, and then hustled her off to the chaise again, where--not impossibly from the effects of this agreeable sedative--she soon became insensible to his restlessness, and fell fast asleep.
In this climate you must expect a high temperature.
Robust urbanisation, increasing trend towards minituarisation, ongoing improvements in high-temperature technologies are giving a boost to the demand for high-temperature materials, thus, opening opportunities for high temperature silicones (usually operating at temperature around and above 150[degrees]C).
The report covers the high temperature coatings market and further segments it on the basis of resin type, technology, application, and region.
High temperature plastics are those plastics which are generally used for applications with high temperature requirements, generally above 150u Celsius.
Although some high temperature devices have been available in the market in the past, historically this field has been limited due to the lack of commercially available components designed to operate reliably above 125[degrees]C, lack of capital equipment for fabrication and specialization test facilities to build high temperature electronics, immaturity of certain required material technologies and processes, shortage of high volume applications willing to help fund the expense of new device development, and some applications requiring demonstrated reliability of high temperature electronics that justifies the higher cost of these devices.
However, during the initial high temperature testing of rubber compounds for static FEA, we discovered the trend of stress change was somehow contradictory to these results.
Small amounts of polymer are being overheated, exposed either to high temperatures for a short time or to moderately high temperatures for longer periods.
AIST developed a "pressure annealing" technique to reduce the resistance of conducting circuits formed on plastic film substrates by printing, without high temperature baking.

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