high top

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high′ top`

a sneaker that covers the ankle.
References in classic literature ?
Up to a hill anon his steps he reared, From whose high top to ken the prospect round, If cottage were in view, sheep-cote, or herd; But cottage, herd, or sheep-cote, none he saw-- Only in a bottom saw a pleasant grove, With chaunt of tuneful birds resounding loud.
Once or twice in the daytime I thought I saw the Pico of Teneriffe, being the high top of the Mountain Teneriffe in the Canaries, and had a great mind to venture out, in hopes of reaching thither; but having tried twice, I was forced in again by contrary winds, the sea also going too high for my little vessel; so, I resolved to pursue my first design, and keep along the shore.
He reproduced exactly the familiar bust of the immortal sage, if you will imagine the bust with a high top hat riding far on the back of the head, and a black coat over the shoulders.
So saying, by the hand he took me rais'd, And over Fields and Waters, as in Aire Smooth sliding without step, last led me up A woodie Mountain; whose high top was plaine, A Circuit wide, enclos'd, with goodliest Trees Planted, with Walks, and Bowers, that what I saw Of Earth before scarse pleasant seemd.
Next came Mary, who'd played with High Top in hardcore band The Wives.
1 L displacement powerhead that delivers high torque and performance for quick times to plane plus high top end speeds.
Fixing system cranial radiolucent closures consisting of two polymer each provided top cover lock not more than 18 mm diameter of 2 mm high top bottom
Grab these women's Skechers Daddy''s high top trainers for PS38 instead of PS58, while this retro Gola Redford flower bag is now PS18 from PS30.
550,000 was spent on opening this restaurant and features 85 seats inside, 70 outside, high top and booths, customized wooden tables, plenty of parking.
This news comes hot on the high top heels that the group might be releasing this year's official Children In Need song as their comeback single.