high yellow

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high′ yel′low

usage: This term is used esp. in the southern U.S. to refer to a mulatto. It is used with disparaging intent and is perceived to be insulting. The context often implies that the person is more like a white than a black.
(a contemptuous term used to refer to a light-skinned black person.)

Slang: Disparaging and Offensive.Also called high′ yal′ler (ˈyæl ər)
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The pillar-box was let into a high yellow wall where the lane met the road, and having dropped the letters into it, Helen was for turning back.
2 metre high yellow mascot Dogcilla in a bid to raise awareness of the law change on April 6.
Referred to as High Yeller, High Yaller or High Yellow.
craftsmanship: Uncle Frank's high yellow skin hardened to the color
By Pratap John/Chief Business Reporter India's proposal to hike duty import of gold as a means to curb high yellow metal imports may affect local jewellers, industry sources have said.
Hugh Baird's floristry students were also given the chance to showcase their talents which included balloon art depicting a six-foot high yellow submarine.
There were twelve first families in the year 1860, skin brown and blue black and deep red and high yellow.
Thus, we expect that cities with a high yellow page advertising cost will be characterized by proportionally fewer professional service display advertisements than cities with less expensive advertising.
Harold Greening paid pounds 690 for the impressively-restored eight-foot high yellow petrol pump by his workshop wall.
Bessie's "call" gets a halfhearted, ironic "response" from Ricki: "I don't even qualify as high yellow, Miss Bessie.