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Adj.1.high-crowned - (of a hat) having a high crown
crowned - provided with or as if with a crown or a crown as specified; often used in combination; "a high-crowned hat"; "an orange-crowned bird"; "a crowned signet ring"
References in classic literature ?
Wopsle in a high-crowned hat, with a necromantic work in one volume under his arm.
At this moment he was sitting in his armchair, silent, absorbed, lost in reflection, sheltered under his high-crowned hat-- a kind of black cylinder which always seems firmly screwed upon the head of an American.
His dress consisted of a large high-crowned hat, a worn dark suit, a pair of capacious shoes, and a dirty white neckerchief sufficiently limp and crumpled to disclose the greater portion of his wiry throat.
Near this miserable Seeker sat a little elderly personage, wearing a high-crowned hat, shaped somewhat like a crucible.
Very few people but those who have tried it, know what a difficult process it is to bow in green velvet smalls, and a tight jacket, and high-crowned hat; or in blue satin trunks and white silks, or knee-cords and top-boots that were never made for the wearer, and have been fixed upon him without the remotest reference to the comparative dimensions of himself and the suit.
A thief in fustian is a vulgar character, scarcely to be thought of by persons of refinement; but dress him in green velvet, with a high-crowned hat, and change the scene of his operations, from a thickly-peopled city, to a mountain road, and you shall find in him the very soul of poetry and adventure.
The little minx had found a black gown of her aunt's, and pinned it close round her neck to look like Dinah's, had made her hair as flat as she could, and had tied on one of Dinah's high-crowned borderless net caps.
This indicated they were browsers or mixed feeders in a forested environment, in contrast to the high-crowned plated molars of mammoths and elephants which allowed them to graze.
Worn appropriately, serious hats confer on Latinas an unsurpassed air of authority and majesty like Lucero, donning a high-crowned Rancher in the aptly titled telenovela, Soy tn duena (I own you); already in her forties when she sported the Rancher, the soap opera star never looked more stunning.
And sengis have high-crowned teeth, common in plant-grazers that grind tough vegetal stuff.