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Characterized by elevated ideals or conduct; noble.

high′-mind′ed·ly adv.
high′-mind′ed·ness n.
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Adv.1.high-mindedly - in a high-minded manner; "he talks high-mindedly, but we don't know whether he acts according to his principles"
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My approach to clarity is to go to the ambiguous side, or to put it more high-mindedly, to turn to Wittgenstein's concept of "family resemblances.
As Feith contends, he 'did not doubt that President Bush meant what he said when he spoke high-mindedly of his policies and the unselfish, humanitarian benefits he hoped to achieve.
To be certain, we can always think more high-mindedly.
Not, of course, that we are going to high-mindedly ignore Wolfgang Amadeus in these pages in 2006 and anxiously aim to avoid sullying his multifaceted musical genius in all the hype.