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A person having an ardent interest in stereo or high-fidelity sound reproduction.


a person who has a great interest in high-fidelity sound reproduction


(ˈɔ di əˌfaɪl)

a person who is esp. interested in high-fidelity sound reproduction.


a person especially interested in high-fidelity sound equipment and recordings on tape or disks.
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Someone who is enthusiastic about stereo or highfidelity sound reproduction.
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The High-Resolution Audio experience is free to attend and open to the public.
DVD-Audio is the future of packaged audio media, and consumers soon recognize its ability to deliver high-resolution audio and a wealth of value-added content," said Craig Eggers, director of consumer channel marketing, Dolby Laboratories.
High-resolution audio and video equipment enables teams of specialists in Little Rock to conduct virtual rounds in participating hospitals.
3], delivering immersive, vibrant sound that matches a live experience in your headphones by taking high-resolution audio to the next level[sup.
It also supports high-resolution audio up to 384kHz at 32-bit - giving new life to a humble iPhone or Samsung Galaxy.
By utilizing not only its website, but Indiegogo for pre-orders as well , LH Labs has been able to broaden its reach outside of the niche audiophile market and appeal to consumers who would otherwise have limited exposure to the world of high-resolution audio.
Sony is looking to take a piece of the high-resolution audio market popularised by those company's high-end headphones.
Recently, it has been gaining currency and popularity as a format for distributing high-resolution audio.
High-resolution audio format support for up to 192kHz for PCM, FLAC, DSD and APE
The portable player can also supply high-resolution audio files to a home stereo system.
This month's International CES will also introduce a new TechZone devoted to high-resolution audio technology.
Adding to the availability of the free STR3EM Windows player and authoring tools, the SDK allows developers to easily configure custom hardware to accept the electronic distribution of commercial HD video, high-resolution audio, and video game products in a single file.

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