higher criticism

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high·er criticism

Critical study of biblical texts to ascertain their literary origins and history and the meaning and intention of the authors.

higher critic n.

higher criticism

(Bible) the use of scientific techniques of literary criticism to establish the sources of the books of the Bible. Compare lower criticism

high′er crit′icism

the study of the Bible having as its object the establishment of such facts as authorship and date of composition, as well as determination of a basis for exegesis.

Higher Criticism

the analysis of Biblical materials that aims to ascertain, from internal evidence, authorship, date, and intent. Cf. Lower Criticism.
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Noun1.higher criticism - the scientific study of biblical writings to determine their origin and meaning
textual criticism - comparison of a particular text with related materials in order to establish authenticity
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Kelley, "Confessions of a Higher Critic," Western Recorder (January 7, 1986): 9.
While biblical critics and scholars like Anthony Collins and Johann Semler--and the Higher Critics who came later--were disrupting the traditional unity of the Bible, poets like Blake and Coleridge were forging a new kind of unity, based on poetic rather than historical grounds, with Coleridge frequently applying to the Bible the same organicist principles that he applied to Shakespeare.