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Adj.1.higher-ranking - having a higher rank; "superior officer"
senior - older; higher in rank; longer in length of tenure or service; "senior officer"
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KIDAPAWAN CITY -- The military on Saturday reported that soldiers had killed one of North Cotabato's higher-ranking communist leaders and one of his companions during a clash in Magpet town on Friday.
Gadkari played an active role in involving the power minister and higher-ranking power ministry officials of Madhya Pradesh to talk to their equivalents in Maharashtra to revive the Jamghat power project.
Players can also visit towns built by other higher-ranking players.
One of the higher-ranking officers was also accused of forging an official document pertaining to the dates of the arrest and questioning of the two other detainees who were also allegedly tortured and beaten up.
Screams and fear barks were only given from a lower-ranking to a higher-ranking baboon, while threat grunts were given only from a higher-ranking to a lower-ranking baboon.
It also found that the department should have at least nine more black officers and five more Asians in higher-ranking positions.
The score achieved by Temple Park Centre was 74%, which was an improvement on its previous result and puts it among the higher-ranking centres in the UK.
A sponsor, on the other hand, acts as an advocate for a professional who is looking to move to higher-ranking positions.
As the constitution was nearing its final draft last August and women's rights remained one of the unresolved issues, Zakia Hakki, a Kurdish lawyer who was appointed one of Iraq's first female judges in 1959, told me how higher-ranking Kurdish officials instructed her to abandon the debate because they were more concerned about bargaining over Kirkuk.
In addition, it enables them to update their availability for weekly duties and allows higher-ranking Special Officers to collaborate on documents over the Internet.
Willies and Joes who fought the war, as well as the higher-ranking army officers and a bitter Frenchman, whose daughter Heck once believed he loved.