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also high-fli·er  (hī′flī′ər)
1. One who rises quickly to a position of wealth or success.
2. A stock that sells at a high valuation.


or high•fly•er

(ˈhaɪˈflaɪ ər)

1. one who is extravagant or extreme in ambition, pretensions, etc.
2. a speculative stock whose price swings between high and low points.
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Noun1.highflier - a person of great ability and ambition
achiever, succeeder, winner, success - a person with a record of successes; "his son would never be the achiever that his father was"; "only winners need apply"; "if you want to be a success you have to dress like a success"
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I'm not a highflier yet, but so far I haven't crashed and burned.
Leaders Treherbert clash with third place Cambrian Welfare this weekend, while fellow highfliers Aberdare should be in for an easier day when they travel to strugglers Tylorstown.
Highfliers Carmarthen Wanderers returned to winning ways as they notched up their fourth win of the season with a 15 run home victory over Aberdare.
UK charity Arts & Business is urging local businesses to put their young highfliers forward to take part in a Young Professionals on Arts Boards programme in the Midlands in a bid to secure the arts for the next generation.
Meanwhile, the bright girls who had 'failed' the 11+ were the highfliers of the secondary modern school, and were expected to do well at O-Level - which they regularly did, often out-performing our B-streamers
SYLVAN Ebanks-Blake was on target to secure a draw in an enthralling clash between Championship highfliers Wolves and Blues.
RUGBY LEAGUE: Celtic Crusaders take on Co-operative National League One highfliers Halifax today at the Brewery Field in Bridgend (kick-off 5.
STOKE boss Tony Pulis welcomes back fit-again Andy Wilkinson and Ricardo Fuller for the visit of Sam Allardyce's men, but the Championship highfliers must do without key trio Salif Diao (knee), Dominic Matteo (foot) and Rory Delap (thigh).
000 for the oneway flight from Singapore to Sydney on October 25, but highfliers in the suite - "a class beyond First" - get much more, including an all-expenses paid trip to Toulouse for the handover of the plane; VIP treatment at receptions; hotel stays in Singapore and Sydney; limo transfers, Oh, and premium goodie bags.
During the technology bull market, highfliers such as Lucent Technologies and Nortel Networks would invariably report quarterly EPS ahead of analysts' expectations.
Scottish Premier League highfliers Livingston have unveiled plans for a pounds 14million hotel and leisure complex at their West Lothian stadium.
We also provide special training programs for highfliers, such as going abroad for their MBA and then returning to the firm.