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Noun1.highjacker - someone who uses force to take over a vehicle (especially an airplane) in order to reach an alternative destination
aeroplane, airplane, plane - an aircraft that has a fixed wing and is powered by propellers or jets; "the flight was delayed due to trouble with the airplane"
criminal, crook, felon, malefactor, outlaw - someone who has committed a crime or has been legally convicted of a crime
2.highjacker - a holdup man who stops a vehicle and steals from ithighjacker - a holdup man who stops a vehicle and steals from it
footpad, padder - a highwayman who robs on foot
holdup man, stickup man - an armed thief
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131, 138 (2006) (discussing 9-11 Commission's finding that publicity regarding the arrest of Zacarias Moussaoui, the so-called 20th 9-11 highjacker could have allowed greater coordination among counterterrorism agencies and more proactive intelligence efforts) (citing Nat'L Comm'n On Terrorist Attacks upon the United States, The 9/11 Commission Report 247, 276 (2004)); Aftergood, supra note 90, at 400 (quoting Congressional testimony of former Justice Department official Jack L.
While 8,000 pistol-packing pilots may seem like enough to make a potential highjacker think twice before trying anything stupid, it only represents eight percent of the 100,000 commercial airline pilots in the United States--hardly a majority.
97, 100 (2002) ("Moussaoui, who allegedly was the twentieth highjacker on September 11.
The NRC's planning baseline has long encompassed the improbability of accidents, but has never contemplated the high probability of an airline hitting a civilian nuclear facility once a suicidal highjacker targets the dome.
Falcon Down," A highjacker saboteurs a commercial jetliner and his demands need to be dealt with before any passengers can be saved.
The fourth plane crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh, after passengers struggled with the highjackers for control of the aircraft.
According to the official version, 19 highjackers used four kidnapped airplanes to attack the USA, and President George W.
68) Prosecutors also showed that he posed for pictures in front of the World Trade Center site several times, (69) and sent his friends links to a video tribute to the September 11th highjackers.
30 (ANI): In yet another evidence which proves Pakistan's involvement in the September 11, 2001 terror strikes on the US, Pakistani troops have discovered a passport belonging to one Said Bahaji, who is believed to have arranged logistics and provided finance to the 9/11 plane highjackers, during search operations in South Waziristan.
Not only that, he beheaded captives using a Japanese knife or box cutter, the same kind of weapon used by 9/11 highjackers.
The driver was later tagged back to one of the 9-11 highjackers," Langhorst says.