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also high·jack (hī′jăk′)
tr.v. hi·jacked, hi·jack·ing, hi·jacks also high·jacked or high·jack·ing or high·jacks
a. To seize control of (a vehicle such as an airplane or bus) by use of force, especially as a way of reaching an alternate destination or as an act of terrorism.
b. To kidnap (a person in a vehicle): people who have experienced the trauma of being hijacked.
c. To stop and rob (a vehicle in transit).
d. To steal (goods) from a vehicle in transit.
a. To take control of (something) without permission or authorization and use it for one's own purposes: dissidents who hijacked the town council; spammers who hijacked a computer network.
b. To steal or appropriate for oneself: hijacked her story and used it in his own book.
The act or an instance of hijacking.

[Probably back-formation from highjacker, perhaps from jacker, holdup man, from jack, to jacklight.]

hi′jack′er n.
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Noun1.highjacking - robbery of a traveller or vehicle in transit or seizing control of a vehicle by the use of forcehighjacking - robbery of a traveller or vehicle in transit or seizing control of a vehicle by the use of force
robbery - larceny by threat of violence
buccaneering, piracy - hijacking on the high seas or in similar contexts; taking a ship or plane away from the control of those who are legally entitled to it; "air piracy"
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He said, 'We will not allow to turn the (Panama Papers) case into the 2000 plane highjacking case.
Searching for anyone who remembers or was deployed with me in January-March 1968 with the 636th Security Police Squadron from Clark AFB Phillippines, to Osan AB, South Korea in response to the highjacking of the USS Pueblo.
Neither did our nation experience the subsequent highjacking of these institutions by the various authoritarian regimes of the 1930s, regimes that mobilized such museums for purposes of ideology, and/or of racist and xenophobic propaganda, etc.
A political crisis in Ukraine, highjacking in Istanbul and Chechen terrorist attacks in Russian cities is not exactly the most auspicious moment for the Kremlin to stage President Putin's $50 billion Sochi Winter Olympics.
Highjacking of PI3K/AKT signaling pathway by Hepatitis C virus in TLR9-activated human plasmacytoid dendritic cells.
He includes a long discussion of the alleged highjacking of Carter's White House Conference on Families by pro-abortion and pro-gay forces.
Their innovative nature is now applied to inflicting the most possible damage on a regime that has failed them completely, highjacking their dreams of living a decent life under the pretence of religion.
Its more serious provocations since then include several attempts to assassinate presidents of South Korea; the capture of a number of ships including the USS Pueblo; the highjacking, attacks on, and bombings of several ROK and U.
Stolen Harvest: The Highjacking of the Global Food Supply (Cambridge: South End Press, 2000).
This sort of highjacking of classical African civilizations by European scholars and their Arab minions must stop.
In his many speeches across Canada, Oliver has Called out environmental groups for highjacking the review process.
His assessment finds that the al-Shabab movement, while of concern, is apparently not interested in highjacking the purely economic activity of the pirates for jihadist purposes.